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Episode 8: Chiyu (voice: Nazu Yoda)


The synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 8th episode of "Healing Dodge Pretty Cure" broadcast on Sunday, March 22 "Sunny Day !?

Episode 8 "Toyu Chiyu !? Land tournament big pinch!" Synopsis

 For the athletics competition in spring, he trains on high jumps (voice: Nazu Yoda). There, there is information that there is a player who has a record that surpasses Chiyu's personal best in the land part of Nishinaka, a rival school of healthy junior high school. Chiyuki showed her first shot, "I'm my rival," but failed in the next jump.

 The next morning, Chiyu tells Nodoka (voice: Aki Yuuki) and Hinata (voice: Hiyori Kono) who came together to run together and how they started the high jump. On the other hand, Pegutan (voice: Hana Takeda) who is worried about Chiyu who is not trying to rest his practice saying "I still want to jump" while breaking down.

 On the day of the tournament, Tachiyu is ready to come in, and the cheerful form of cheering is given. However, Mega Bjögen appears there ...?!?

■ Episode 8 Staff
Screenplay: Ryunosuke Kagetsu Storyboard: Masayoshi Nishida Director: Takao Iwai Animation Director: Katsumi Tamagai, Francis Kaneda Art: Lee Sozen

■ “Healing ♥ Pretty Cure” episode 8 preview video:

■ Under delivery on TVer! : https: //tver.jp/corner/f0046598

■ "Hiringuddo ♥ Pretty Cure" work information
ABC television TV Asahi broadcast in series
cure Grace / Hanatera idyllic: Aoi Yūki
labyrinth: Ai Kakuma
cure Fontaine / SawaIzumi healing: Yoda summer
Pegitan: Hana Takeda
cure sparkle / Hiramitsu Hinata: Kono Hiyori
Nyatoran: Aki Kanada
latte: Haruka Shiraishi

Series Director: Yoko Ikeda
Series configuration: Koyatsumura Junko
Character Design: Naoko Yamaoka
Art and Design: Nagisa Nishida
Music: Shiho Terada
color design: Sakairi Kitai beauty




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