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Mei-chan's latest album


A music video of Tsunami's newly written song "Namba Anain", which is also included in the new album "Large trouble" of singer Mei-chan released on March 4, 2020 (Wednesday), March 18, 2020 (Wednesday) Published on.

The music video for this song was directed by Gisaburo Sugii, a heavyweight in the Japanese animation world.

Mei-chan's intention to get the listeners living in the present day to hear the worldview of this song, which expresses Ono Komachi's painful and hot love with a unique Tsukimiki clause, with a sense of closeness, MV production start.

["Namba Anain" MV]

Mei-chan is planning to hold a one-man tour from May with all the songs on the original album including "Namba Anain".
Keep an eye on the future leap forward.

◆ Gisaburo Sugii Comments The
color of the flower is mischievous as it
moves. The sharp moonlight scatters the flowers.
I can hear the palpitations of a woman running after chasing the illusion.


Tsumiki commented for
3 minutes, produced based on the story of Koizumi one day.
Love songs are a little embarrassing.
The song of the Mei-chan like with hard-line and flexible is not co-exist,
but I was let me written to work well with each other,
will Kumito' themes bored fine to enter the magnificent fine,
more wonderful your price I am proud that I finished the work.
I am very honored as an author while being immature. I hope that
this work will become even more brilliant when it comes to the world,
and will reach the ears of many people involved.




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