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"Higurashi no Circa" New TV Anime Decided July Broadcast


The KADOKAWA animation on YouTube on the 21st,  the popular series " Higurashi no Ciraku ni ", which has been developed as a media mix based on the game of Dragon Knight 07 / 07th Expansion, including anime, manga, novels, etc. Announced on the channel. Broadcast from July.

[Movie] The New Project PV

 "Higurashi no Circus" is a computer game created in 2002 by Doujin Circle "07th Expansion". Set in a fictitious village called Hinamizawa Village in the late 1975's, a mystery in which boys and girls approach the truth of continuous mystery and disappearance related to the practice of the village's cotton wreath.

 In 2006, the first phase of TV animation, and in 2007, the second phase, "The Solution When Higurashi is Out", was a big topic. In addition, OVA, comics, novels, live-action movies (2008), dramas (16), and stage (15) have been developed in all kinds of media, and have been loved for many years.

 The launch of a new project has been announced in January this year, and the Dragon Knight 07 / 07th Expansion worked on the original, Akio Watanabe of "Story Series" etc. for character design, Infinite for produce, and Pashoné for animation production. ing.

Ichinamizawa Village, a village surrounded by nature that is far from the city center and remains dark.
The village, which was supposed to sink to the bottom of the dam,
welcomes transfer student Keiichi Maegan, with the same appearance as before.
For Keiichi, who lived in the city, his lively and peaceful life with his friends in Hinamizawa should have been a forever happy time.
A cotton festival that is held once a year.
Until that day comes ...
June, Showa 58. When Higurashi is gone.
Everyday suddenly ends, and a series of unstoppable tragedies begins.




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