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Original TV animation "Akudama Drive"


The production of the original TV animation "Akudama Drive", in which Kazuki Odaka (scenario) and Kin Komatsuzaki (character design) of the popular game "Danganronpa" series, has been decided, along with the main staff, the cast, and the first PV It was published. Broadcasting starts in July.

Set in the retro cyber city of Kansai, a story where criminals with a unique aesthetic, “Akdama (bad guys),” collide. Kodaka says that the origin of the project is the desire to make animations such as "pulp fiction" and "Snatch" like a crime movie in the 1990s, and Komatsuzaki is in charge of the character draft. Studio Pero for the animation production, Tomohisa Taguchi of "Persona 4 The Golden" and "Digimon Adventure LAST EVOLUTION Kizuna" as directors, and Noriaki Kaiho of "Aka no Astra" as the series composition.

The cast is Tomo Kurosawa, the role of a general person involved in Akdama, Yuichiro Umehara as the carrier of Akdama, Shunsuke Takeuchi as the fighter, Shun Horie as the hacker, Emi Ogata as the doctor, Subaru Kimura as the thug, and the murderer Is played by Takahiro Sakurai.

From 2:15 pm on March 21, a live program by Kurosawa, Umehara and Sakurai casts and staff will be distributed on AbemaTV and the latest information will be released.



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