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Animated "Bride of Giants" depicting


It has been decided to animate the boys' love fantasy manga "The Bride of a Giant" (published by Kyoseisha) by ITKZ. Continued from the drama CD attached to the special edition of the original book released on March 18, Tomoki Ono will play Caius Lao Vistair and Kento Ito will play Koichi Mizuki.

In this work, one day, a tall basketball member Koichi who was summoned to a different world where various races coexist was proposed to the first prince Caius of a giant who is much larger than himself, and a weak dwarf " Draw a figure that is treated as a "bride."

In commemoration of the animation, the official Comic Festa Anime shop is distributing a copy of the drama CD as a bonus for purchasing the special edition with the original book drama CD. Animate, Toranoana, Komikomi Studio and others have a newly drawn paper, and Holin Love Books has an illustration card. The price is 2300 yen (excluding tax). In addition, on the special website of Comosha, you can find the audio source of the drama CD and interviews with Ono and Ito who have finished recording.




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