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TRIGGER latest work "BNA"


The 2nd promotion video of "BNA BNA", the original TV animation created by TRIGGER of "KILL la KILL" and "PROMARE" has been released. At the same time, it became clear that the main character Michiru Kagemori (CV: Sumire Moroboshi) will sing the opening theme song "Ready to" and singer-songwriter AAAMYYY will sing the ending theme song "NIGHT RUNNING".

`` Little Witch Academia '' directed by Yoshinari Yosuke, `` Promare '' `` Kill la Kill '' writer Kazuki Nakajima formed the first tag This work is a female high school student who turned into a raccoon beast, but the beastman special zone `` In Anima City, he meets a wolf-beast human, Oshiro Shiro (Yoshimasa Hosoya), who dislikes humans, and follows the mystery that he became a beast.

In the second PV, new characters such as Nina Flip, a dolphin beast, Jackie, a bear beast, and Pinga, a wandering albatross, appear on the opening theme song "Ready to". A scene where dark clouds can enter the story, such as the mysterious religious leap that Shiro has doubts, the confrontation of Shiro when the race starts, and the conglomerate group Alan Sylvasta foreseeing the destruction of Anima City. Is also included.

"BNA BNA" will be broadcast on April 8 on Fuji TV series "+ Ultra" and others. Netflix will launch exclusive pre-orders of episodes 1-6 from March 21.



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