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I proved that science fell in love.(Rikeiga Koini Ochitanode Shoumei ShiteMita) (Japanese anime)


Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita

A popular manga that has been serialized on "COMIC Meteo" (Flex Comics) since May 2016 and has exceeded 850,000 copies by Arifred Yamamoto. "What if a science girl and a science boy fall in love?" A laughing and kyungkyun "starting from the definition of love" remake experiment love comedy set in a university lab. A topical work that caused a sensation on SNS, such as a work introduction tweet partially excerpting the original work exceeding 20,000 retweets. Following the conversion to a TV drama in September 2018 and a movie in February 2019, it has been aggressively developing media with TV animation. The director is Toru Kitahata, the deputy director is Kenta Onishi, the series composition and script is Shintaro Ikeda, the character design and total drawing director is Yusuke Isauchi, the producer is Shunsuke Saito, and the production director is Koichiro Natsume. Xersey will be responsible for animation production.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 10, 2020-
Production company:Zero ZeeGenre:Romantic comedy
Voice actor: Uchida Stallion , heaven Amemiya , Natsuko Hara , Omori date Ya , Jun Fukushima , Ryotaro Ryotaro , Momo Asakura

staff: Director: Toru Kitabata, Deputy Director: Kenta Onishi, Series Composition, Legs ... View All

What if science girls and science boys fall in love with a passion for research? A graduate of a science graduate student who attends Saitama University, Iris Himuro confesses to Shinya Yukimura in the same laboratory. Of course, there is no rationale for that "like"! However, as a science and engineering major, "If you can't prove your love logically, you can't say you like it, and you're disqualified as a science student!" Based on that belief, the two involved the members of the laboratory and "love" Start a proof experiment on the definition of "!" Dating experiment, elucidation of favorite components, heart rate measurement experiment, measurement of mood value ... A love comedy with laughter and kyung kyung that loving sciences that are too unique logically prove “love”!

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