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`` Hey Can Campus '' New animation trailer released


The trailer of the new animation "SPECIAL EPISODE Sauna and rice and three-wheeled bike" recorded on the Blu-ray & DVD of the short animation "Heya Campo" released on May 27 has been released. It features a solo camp enthusiast, Rin Shima, traveling alone on a three-wheeled scooter. Takahiro Sakurai is the new character in charge of voice, and Rin's father, Wataru Shima, also appears.

A comment from Nao Higashiyama, the role of Rin, was also released, saying, "Heya Campaign's special animation is the turn of Rin, so we have delivered a solo camp after a long absence! But this time, I'm going to try something new with Mr. Saito's recommendation !? This is again ... I was pretty with an expression I've never seen before (laughs) " .

In addition to Higashiyama, a special event will be held in which five main casts will be held: Yumiri Hanamori as Nadeshiko Kakamigahara, Sayuri Hara as Chiaki Ogaki, Aio Toyosaki as Aoi Inuyama, and Ryo Takahashi as Ena Saito. The event will be held on November 29, at Bellesale Takadanobaba, Tokyo. Tickets for priority sales are enclosed in Blu-ray & DVD of Heya Campus.

“Heya Camp” is a spin-off of “Yuru Camp” broadcasted in 2018. The main story "Yuru Camp" is set in Yamanashi Prefecture, and the main character, Nadeshiko, slowly draws a figure of enjoying outdoor life with friends of the outdoor activity circle (No Kuru). Members challenge stamp rallies around Yamanashi Prefecture. In addition, "Yuru Camp" has also decided to produce the second phase and the theater version.



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