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Movie Precure past 24 works, free delivery for a limited time


Toei, a distributor, has announced that the release date of "Precure Miracle Leap: A Mysterious Day with Everyone" has been decided on May 16. The film was scheduled to be released on March 20, but it had announced a postponement in light of the spread of the new coronavirus in light of the policies of the government and related organizations.

In addition, Toei has decided to distribute 24 past titles of "Movie Precure" on the official Precure Youtube channel for a limited time from March 20 to May 15. It is good to distribute three works each week, the first of which is "Pretty Cure MaxHeart for Movies" (2005), "Pretty Cure MaxHeart Snow 2 for Sky 2" (05), "Pretty Cure Splash ☆ Star" "Tick Taku's Close Call" (06) will be distributed. The period is from 6:15 pm on the 20th to 5:59 pm on the 27th. Future distribution schedules can be found on the movie's official website.

"Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap" is the 28th movie in the movie series. A total of 13 Pretty Cures gathered from 3 works of the 17th work "Healing Tsutido Pretty Cure" which started broadcasting in February, the previous work "Star Twinkle Pretty Cure", and the previous work "HUG! Pretty Cure", The figure depicts a struggle to escape from the mysterious day of repetition.




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