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Kubo Taito's new work "BURN THE WITCH" will be animated in theaters this fall


It has been announced that a new manga "BURN THE WITCH" by Mr. Taito Kubo of "BLEACH" will be released as a theater animation this fall.

This work is a complete battle action manga published in the 50th anniversary issue of the 2018 Weekly Shonen Jump (Shueisha). From the summer of 20th, the series will be decided to be a read-only version the previous day, and the series will be animated to the original.

Set in London where there is a "deformed existence" dragon that can not be seen by ordinary people, depicting the success of Ninny Sequin, the protector of the natural dragon protection management agency "Wing Bound", and the witch combination of Nori Shimbashi story. It has been decided that Asami Tano will play the role of Nini and Yuina Yamada will play the role of Noi, and a teaser PV that depicts scenes where the two fight the dragon etc. has also been released.

The main staff was also announced, and Tatsuro Kawano, who participated in "Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress" and "PSYCHO-PASS Psycho-Pass 2", is supervising. The deputy director is Yuji Shimizu, the script is Chinatsu Suzumura, the character design is Natsuki Yamada, the music is Keiji Inuchi, and the animation production is the animation team `` team Yamahitsu '' launched by Director Kawano in 2018, and the `` Penguin Highway '' Studio Coloride will jointly perform.



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