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"Golden Kamuy" 23-volume book comes with animated version


Noda Satoru's popular manga "Golden Kamuy" has been decided to release a 23-volume anime DVD bundled version. In the original, the recording of the "Shuton Animal Chronicles", which is said to be a forbidden episode, has been decided, and a commercial has also been released. Bookstores are accepting reservations until July 14, and will be released on September 18. The price is 3600 yen (excluding tax).

In addition, it was revealed that Hideyuki Hori will play the character visual of the tattooed prisoner, Anatohata Toton, which is an important figure in the chapter "Animals of the Shutoken". Hori, who received the offer, said, "When I received a phone call from a manager about the appearance of 'Golden Kamuy' and heard about the role of Anatohata Susumu in this work, the first thing I thought was, eh! … I don't care how much it is for broadcasting, but I wonder if it's okay? He added, "On the day of the recording, I was reminded by the director that I shouldn't be a pervert, but I was able to play with a lot of fun while thinking that it was a pervert. Please have fun. "

The work is a Japanese-style western action serialized in "Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha). In the Meiji era, set in Hokkaido during the pioneering period, a former soldier, Saichi Sugimoto, nicknamed "Immortal Sugimoto," travels along with the Ainu girl Ashiripa ("Li" is a small "Li") over a huge reserve. Fights with the 7th Division and jailbreak prisoners. The first version of the TV anime will be broadcast from April to June 2018, the second from October to December 2018, and the third period will be broadcast from October 2008. In the animated version of the book "Shuton Animal", which is attached to the book, Genjiro Tanigaki, whose Murata gun was stolen, was captured as a culprit following the murder of animals around Kotan (village) in Ainu. The scholar Anehata, who is the culprit, steals his gun and is interested in brown bears, so Kazuyuki Sugimoto runs to save Tanigaki and seize Anehata's tattoo. The director will be Nishi Namba, a TV anime version, and Jeno Studio will continue to produce animations.



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