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TV anime "Kotono Tower -Tower of God-"


Additional characters and casts of the TV anime "Kotono Tower -Tower of God-" broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 1 have been released.

▼ Evan Edlock (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu )

He is a guide to the Zahad royal family and is familiar with the structure of the tower. It is thought to be a "high-ranker" that boasts top-class ability among the towers, but there are many mysteries. She is working with Yuri, the princess of Zahard, and has always struggled with her selfish behavior.

▼ Chibis (CV: Takuya Eguchi )

From the very beginning of the tower, team up with Anaku and Hatsu and climb the tower as a "selector". Although his fighting ability is low, he is a sharp-minded intellectual who has the ability to see through the strategy of Kun, who is also a brain faction. A youthful, sincere young man who always cares for his friends.

▼ Hearts (CV: Hisashige Fukamachi)

A silent and cool two-sword style swordsman who grew up learning Bushido from his father. He fights with a sword flying higher than anyone and a sword flying lower than anyone, and boasts one of the best fighting powers among the classifiers who climb the tower together.

The outline and scene of the first episode "BALL" has been released.


The girl wanted to see the stars. The boy wanted to be with her. What do you want in exchange for everything? Only those who have the power to survive will get it at the top of the tower.

■ The TV anime "Kotonoto -Tower of God-"
is based on the web comic "Kinototo" serialized by SIU on NAVER WEBTOON (LINE manga). The director is Takashi Sano, the assistant director is Hirokazu Hanai, the series composition is Erika Yoshida, the character design is Masafumi Kudo and Miho Tanino, the music is Kevin Penkin, and the animation production is telecom animation film.

Climb the tower and you get everything. At the top of the tower is everything in the world and you can get this world ... you can be God. This is the beginning and end of a girl, Rachel, who wants to see the stars and climbs the tower, and a boy, night, who does not need anything if she is present.

Taichi Ichikawa plays the role of night, Saori Hayami plays the role of Rachel, Nobuhiko Okamoto plays the role of Kun Agero Agnes , Kenta Miyake plays the role of Lark Reklayshah , Mariko Honda plays the role of Yuri Zahard, Sekine plays the role of Anaku Zahard Akira, Rie Suegar will play the role of Endrosi Zahard, Yoshitada Otsuka will play the role of Heddon, Kazuyuki Okitsu will play the role of Evan Edlock , Takuya Eguchi will play the role of Shibis, and Toshinari Fukamachi will play the role of Hats.

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