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TV anime 3rd season "Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM" Original Visual


"Is the Order a Rabbit?" The title of the 3rd phase of TV animation is "Is the Order a Rabbit? BLOOM", and the original key visual drawn by Dr. Koi has been lifted. Broadcast is from October 2020.

The second summer of cocoa in a half-timbered town is almost over, and the season is about to turn into an eventful fall. Schools and rabbit houses are full of fun today! Cocoa, Chino and everyone are excited about the future ……!

The director is Hiroyuki Hashimoto, the series composition is Fuyuki Yasukazu Yuki, the character design is Yosuke Okuda, and the animation production is Enchorage Films. Ayane Sakura

plays the role of cocoa, Inori Minase plays the role of Chino , Risa Taneda plays the role of Rize , Satomi Sato plays the role of Chiya , Mayu Uchida plays the role of Sharo , Aozora Tokui plays the role of Maya , and Rie Murakawa plays the role of Meg Plays. The original comic is on sale until Volume 8.

(C) Koi / Hobunsha / Is your order a BLOOM Production Committee?


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