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"Nekopara" episode 11


The synopsis, scenes and videos of the TV anime "NekoPara" episode 11 "Cacao's Return" broadcasted on TOKYOMX, BS11 and AT-X from March 19 have been released.

Cacao has become friends with Chiyo and decides to stay at Chiyo's house on a holiday. Chocolat and vanilla make a big fuss to prepare for the first stay. As she spends her time at Chiyo's house, her thoughts in cacao grow.

■ What is TV Anime "NekoPara" The
original is NEKO WORKS, the director is Yasutaka Yamamoto, the series composition is Miscellaneous Business, the character design is Yuichi Hirano, the music is Akiho Tateyama, and the animation production is Felix Film.

Kasho Minazuki left his parents' home, a traditional long-established Japanese sweets shop, and was preparing to open his own cake shop, La Soleil, as a pastry chef. Chocolat and vanilla, humanoid cats that had been kept in their parents' house, were spilled into the baggage sent there. Kasho breaks into two desperate pleas in an attempt to turn it back and opens Soleil together. My sister, Shigure, and her cats, Azuki, Maple, Cinnamon, and Coconut, the cats of Chocolat and Vanilla, also came to the store to help me live a fun and lively life. One day, Chocolat encounters a strange kitten in the middle of using. The heartful cat story that starts from meeting a kitten that is worried somewhere starts here!

Yuki Yagi plays the role of Chocolate, Iori Saeki plays the role of vanilla, Yuka Morishima plays the role of cacao, Shiori Izawa plays the role of Azuki, Miku Ito plays the role of Maple , Yuri Noguchi, plays the role of Cinnamon and Maruzu Mizutani plays the role of Coconut , Minazuki drizzle auditors M · a · O 's, the Minazuki Jiaxiang role Shinnosuke Tachibana plays.

(C) NEKO WORKs / Neko Pura Production Committee


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