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Anime Infinite Dendrogram (Japanese anime)


Infinite Dendrogram

" -Infinite Dendrogram-" was announced by Sakon Kaido on the novel posting site "Let's Become a Novelist" and won the 1st place in the annual VR game section ranking of the site in 2016. After that, the first appearance of the 4 titles of the `` Ranobe News Online Award '' was achieved, the first place in the `` New Ranobe General Election 2017 '' ranking, the second place in `` This Ranobe is amazing 2018 '', the topical work that won numerous titles。 Light novel label `` HJ After being published as a book by Bunko (Hobby Japan), comicalization has also been developed, and the series has exceeded 440,000 copies in total. The original is Sakon Kaido (HJ Bunko / Hobby Japan), the character draft is Taiki, the director is Tomoki Kobayashi, the character design is Masahiko Nakata (WHITE FOX), the series composition and screenplay is Yuichiro Momose, the background is Production Eye Kenji Hiramatsu is the music, Kisuke Koizumi is the sound director, and NAZ is in charge of animation production.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 9, 2020-
Production company:NAZGenre:Fantasy

Voice actor: Sōma Saitō , Ohno yuzu Nunoko , Satoshi Hino , Koichi Makoto , Takada YuNozomi , Ayumi Murase , Yui Ogura , Yoko Hikasa , Aoi Yūki , Haruse Natsumi, Shiori Izawa , Kenichi Suzumura , Nao Higashiyama

staff: Director: Tomoki Kobayashi, Character Design: Masahiko Nakata, Shi ... View all

On July 15, 2043, each player released a dive-type VRMMO that has its own system that follows the evolution of the "infinite" pattern. The , which had elements that had been technically impossible to achieve VRMMO until then, quickly became a major movement and swept the world. A young man, Reiji Mukutori, who started living alone in Tokyo after completing college entrance examinations, began , which had been invited to his older brother for a long time to commemorate the end of his long studying for entrance examinations.

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