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TV anime "Magical Orphen Hagure Journey" 12


Synopsis and scenes of the 12th episode "Screaming of Death", a TV anime "Magical Orphen Hagure Journey", to be broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX and others from March 24, have been released.

Magic completes the application for entry into the Tusk Tower. When the orphans returned to Retisha's house, Kriou was attacked by someone. Retisha, following the assailant, is returned. Azary appears in front of Orphen that night, and the Wall faction reports that he is looking for a "world book" that Childman should have and is aiming for those in the Childman classroom. Knowing this, Orphen himself heads to the ≪Fang Tower≫ where Wall Karen and others are.

■ What is the TV anime "Magician Orphen Hagure Journey"?
Author: Yoshinobu Akita / Illustration: Yuya Kusagawa's 25th anniversary of the "Magician Orphen" series. The director is Takayuki Hamana, the series composition is Reiko Yoshida, the character design is Takahiko Yoshida, and the animation production is Studio Dean.

Living in the continent's highest magician training organization `` Fang Tower '', Kirillanchero inherited all of his fighting skills and assassination techniques under the continent's strongest magicianChildman, Successor of Leather He was an elite sorcerer called Edge, the successor to steel. In search of his sister-in-law, Azari, who disappeared in an experiment, Kirillanshero, who had left the Fang Tower to search for his sister-in-law, gave up on his past and named himself Orfen, and was working on a mogli money lending business in Totocanta. . A journey begins to save Azzary with a new friend, Kuriou, a young lady who met him, and Magic, a disciple. At the same time, he fatefully reunites with his former teachers, Childman, Hartia, Commicron, and alumni who are heading for the defeat of Azaree. Journey through the forest of Fenrir to Tafraem. Yes, we reach the town where Orphen once trained, Fang Tower. It was a huge enemy who could not imagine waiting for the orphans.

Shotaro Morikubo plays the role of Orphen, Rumi Okubo plays the role of Kuriou, Yusuke Kobayashi plays the role of Magic , Marie Mizuno plays the role of Volcan, Mai Fuchigami plays the role of Dochin, Daisuke Namikawa plays the role of Childman, Yoko Higasawa plays the role of Azary , Retisha auditors Shizuka Ito, Mr. Saka the Hatia auditors tight, Mr. Yasuda Rikuya the Komikuron role, the Forte role Tomoaki Maeno, the Wall Karen role Kenjiro Tsuda, the Haidoranto officer Hiroyuki Yoshino, the Suein Officer Nobuhiko Okamoto Plays.

(C) Akinada Yoshinobu, Kusagawa Yuya, TO Books / Magician Orphen Breakaway Production Committee


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