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"Shadow Bath" is 4/7


Broadcast information of TV anime "Shadow Bath" has been announced. It will be broadcast every Tuesday at 17:55 from April 7 on TV Tokyo's 6 stations.

The key visuals depicting the seven main characters have been lifted.

In the second PV, you can listen to PENGUIN RESEARCH's opening theme "Kirifuda" a little. The ending theme is Yui Ogura .

■ TV animation "Shadowverse" is
directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi, series composition is Rintaro Isozaki and Deko Akao, character draft is Punzu and Souji Kukata, character design is Daiki Harada, sub-character Designed by Yasunari Nitta, animation production by ZEXCS.

Hiiro Ryugasaki, a boy who goes to Tensei Gakuen, gets a mysterious smartphone from a few days. In that smartphone, the popular digital card game "Shadowverse", commonly known as Shadova, was installed! Meet rivals, challenge the tournament, bond with friends. The various experiences gained through Shadova will “evolve” Hiiro.

Mr. Takehito Kajiwara the Ryugasaki Heero role, Enoki AtsushiWataru's a那月Lucia auditors night, the Amamiya Mimori role Kaede Hondo, the Kurobane Alice auditors Yui Ogura, Taya Hayabusa's the Shindo Kazuki role, Ijuin Kai auditors Atsumi Tanezaki 's Yuichi Iguchi plays Maura Abelardo .

(C) Animation `` Shadow Bath '' Production Committee


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