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`` Words spring up like ciders ''


Seven summers, local cities. The boy Cherry, who is always wearing headphones, is having trouble communicating and not being able to talk to him. He put his feelings that he couldn't show on his hobby haiku. A little smile always wears a mask to hide the big front during correction. The animation video owners were distributing the videos with "kawaii". Cherry, who can hardly get out of thoughts other than haiku, and Smile, who can't overcome the complex of Pita, meet at a shopping mall and eventually exchange little leaves through SNS. One of them talks about why he encountered a part-time job and searched for a record of memories that Fujiyama had lost. They decide to find it out on their own. While searching for records to fulfill Fujiyama's wishes, the distance between Cherry and Smile shrinks rapidly. However, after a certain event, their thoughts passed each other.

A trailer of theatrical animation "The words spring up like cider" (abbreviated as "Psychoto") has been released, and the theme song by the four-member band "never young beach", and the song in the play by the singer-songwriter Taeko Onuki, will be shown for the first time Was.

This is an original work commemorating the 10th anniversary of the animated video and music label Flying Dog. Cherry (CV: Somegoro Ichikawa), a haiku boy who always wears headphones to avoid contact with people, and Girl Smile (CV: Sugisaki Hana), who masks the teeth of the complex with a mask, interact through SNS and record memories This is a picture of a summer in which the elderly are searching for a place to help reduce the distance while helping the elderly.

Comments were also received from both artists who worked on the song. Yuma Abe, a singer of "never young beach" singing the theme song with the title of the work, said, "I felt a very cool feeling from the work, so I want to make the song more refreshing and refreshing. Onuki, who sang the song "YAMAZAKURA" in the play, said that he sang his feelings, which he told Director Ishiguro Kyohei, in "70s-style orthodox songs".

"Speak like a cider" is released nationwide from May 15th.


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