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The anime "OBSOLETE" is the latest work by Gen Kabuchi. Genuine Kakubuchi who produced many hits works as the original draft and series composition, and Ryosuke Takahashi known for "Armored Trooper Votoms" etc. will produce and produce a completely original full CG animation. Animation production will be performed by Sunrise's CG animation studio Takeemone (Buemon). A real robot animation depicting the world from the present to the near future, where the “2.5m” consciousness-control general-purpose robot “Exo Frame” is active. It will be distributed on YouTube Bandai Namco Arts Channel from December 3, 2019.

Start time:Winter 2020Delivery date:From December 3, 2019
Production company:TakeemoneGenre:robot

Voice actor: Masahiko Tanaka , Tomoyuki Morikawa , Hitoshi Yamanoi, Wataru Takagi , Ryusaburo Otomo

staff: Director: Yuhiro Yamada / Seiichi Shirato, Series composition: Gen Kabuchi, Me ... View all

In 2014, a sudden appearance of an alien demands “trade” from humanity. What they brought to Earth in exchange for limestone was an exo-frame, a consciousness-controlled general-purpose robot. The "Exo Frame", which is cheaper than a fighter and a tank than a gun, and can be easily used by anyone, will spread quickly and change the world. “We are currently calling on all radio bands in five different languages. We do not want political interference or cultural exchange, but only trade. One per 1,000 kilograms of limestone We provide the product of our technology. We do not distinguish between nations, ethnicities, ideas and any other differences. We propose this exchange condition equally and equally to all humans on earth. "

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