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“Movie Mysterious Candy Store Zentendo”


The cast and staff of “Movie Fushigi Dashiya Sentendo Tsuritai Yaki”, the first animated version of the popular children's book “Fushigi Dashiya Sentendo”, have been announced.

The original series, which has surpassed 1 million copies in total, tells the story of Beniko, the female owner of Sentendo, a candy store that sells mysterious candy. The movie version depicts an 8-year-old boy, Keiji, who obtained a snack “Tsuritai-yaki” that can catch taiyaki based on an episode of the original volume.

The cast will be the actor actress Nobue Iketani, the boy who loves fishing coming to ZentendoKesuya Toshiki-kun, the role of Keiji, Keiji's older sister Fuyuko the role of Tamaki Shiratori, Kuriko's domestic catSumimaru Fukujuro Katayama is in charge, and the role of father of Keiji and Toko is played by actor Ikki Watanabe, who plays Maltese Schocho in the anime "Oshitari Tante".

The staff is directed by Satoshi Tomioka who worked on "Usavich" and "Inazuma Delivery", etc. Yuji Kobayashi who participated in the "Ultraman Series" and "Precure Series" plays the script, and Unknown Ru is in charge of the music. `` Movie Mysterious Candy Store Sentendo Tsuritai Yaki '' is one of the works of `` Toei Manga Festival '', including the new movie `` Oshitiri Tante '' with Watanabe appearing Released nationwide from April 24.


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