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OVA "Swordsman shrine maiden chopping the flashlight


The teaser visuals and special information of the smartphone game "Touage no Shrine maiden chopping and flashing light" that OVA has been announced have been released. . The first part and the second part will be broadcast and distributed in 2020.

The director is Tomohiro Kamiya, the series composition is Aoi Zhuhaku (Meme Meme), the character draft is Yoshinori Shizuma, the character design is Daisuke Niizuma, and the animation production is project No.9.

Yasusakura Bien auditors Himika Akaneya 's, the Chie Setouchi role Natsuo Ishihara -san, seven Noriyuki Satoko吹役Hiromi Igarashi, a Sayaka Rokkaku role Akane Fujita, the Kitora Miruya role Manami Numakura, Yui Yamashiro role the Sumire UESAKA plays.

(C) Gokaden Project / Jotomo OVA Production Committee


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