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The third season of “Golden Kamuy” is from October. First PV lifted


The TV anime "Golden Kamui" 3rd series will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, Yomiuri TV, Sapporo TV and BS11 from October, and the first PV has been lifted.

■ What is TV anime “Golden Kamuy” The
original is a comic with the same name as Satoru Noda. Directed by Nishi Namba, assistant director Takahiro Kawagoe, series composition Noboru Takagi, character design Ken Onuki, and animation production by Geno Studios.

After an intense battle in Abashiri Prison, Saichi Sugimoto, the invulnerable “Sugimoto of Immortality”, and Ainu's Ainu girl, who are separated. Ashipa, along with Yutake Shiraishi, the "Jailbreak King," was taken away by Kiraranke and Momokosuke Ogata to the place where his father's footprints remain, Karafuta. Now that his daughter, Noppurabo, who has robbed the Ainu bullion, is dead, only his daughter Ashipa can unravel the secret. The purpose of Kiroranke was to take her and join her former companion, Partisan of Far Eastern Russia. Meanwhile, Sugimoto and Genjiro Tanigaki, who teamed up with Lieutenant Tsurumi of the 7th Division, volunteered for an advance squad to search for Asia. Aiming for Karafuto with Sergeant Tsukishima and Ensign Koto. What is waiting for Sugimoto and Ashipa on their respective journeys in a frigid place located further north of Hokkaido !? New survival begins!

The role of Saichi Sugimoto is Yoshihiro Kobayashi, the role of reed (ri) pa is Haruka Shiraishi, the role of Yutake Shiraishi is Kentaro Ito , the position of Lieutenant Tsurumi is Yoshitada Otsuka , the role of Momotasuke Ogata is Kenjiro Tsuda , and the role of Genjiro Tanigaki is Yoshimasa Hosoya , Joji Nakata as Toshizo Hijikata , Kenji Nomura as Tatsuma Ushiyama, Takayuki Sugao as Shinpachi Nagakura, Kohei Nikaido / Tomokazu Sugita as Niheido, Teppei Nihei as Akio Otsuka , Kazuo Hemi The role is played by Toshihiko Seki .

(C) Satoru Noda / Shueisha / Golden Kamui Production Committee


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