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“Akudama Drive” in July


The original TV anime "Akudama Drive", in which the original story of the "Danganronpa" series was drafted by Kazutaka Odaka and the original draft of the character: Kin Komatsuzaki, will be broadcast from July. The director is Tomohisa Taguchi such as "Persona 4 The Golden", and the studio is in charge of animation production.

Long ago, a war broke out between Kanto and Kansai, and the world was divided. Kansai became a dependent state of Kanto and achieved its own development. However, politics and police power declined and crimes rampant. Call the criminal "Akudama"-. The stage is a highly developed but distorted society. In that context, how do Akdama try to be himself? The aesthetics of Akdama and his colleagues meet.

Seven casts of the main characters have been announced. Tomo Kurosawa plays the role of general public , Yuichiro Umehara plays the role of the carrier , Shunsuke Takeuchi plays the fighter , Shun Horie plays the hacker, Emi Ogata plays the doctor , Subaru Kimura plays the role of the thug, and Takahiro Sakurai plays the murderer Plays.

At 14:15 on March 21 at AbemaTV, a special TV program `` TV anime 'Akudama Drive' Tokubetsu '' featuring Kazuyoshi Odaka, Director Tomohisa Taguchi, Producer Yoshihiko Tominaga, Tomo Kurosawa , Yuichiro Umehara and Takahiro Sakurai A “live program” is distributed. A follow-up report is scheduled to be lifted.

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