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"I'm Guile Kan" episode 1


The episode and the scene of the TV animation "After all, my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Ending" episode 1 "The season is changing, the snow is melting" will be released from April 9 on TBS and others.

As snow falls from the cloudy sky, Yawata and Yui hear a request from Yukino.
"I have only one request. I want you to see the end of it." The
two accept Yukino's words and head for Yukino's apartment together.

■ TV "is still my youth romantic comedy is wrong. Completed" anime and the
novels of travel teacher original. The original draft of the character is Mr. Punkan, the director is Kei Oikawa, the series composition is Keiichiro Ochi, the character design is Yuichi Tanaka, and the production studio is feel.

Hikiya Hachiman, who seems to be enjoying the “Bocchi life” with his past trauma and his unique twisted thinking circuit, is taken by a life guidance teacher, Shizuka Hiratsuka for a while, and joins the “Service Department”. Together with the breathtaking perfect girl Yukinoshita Yukino who belongs to the same department and the gal Yukahama Yui belonging to the upper caste of the class, from solving problems of human relationships of classmates to helping the student council, He spent many days handling many projects.

The season is changing, spring. Yawata and Yui received the last request from Yukino. Ahead of the graduation ceremony in March, Iroha was asked for Brom's cooperation. -Yawata, seeking the real thing, changes the relationship between the three. What will happen to his high school life after this !?

Takuya Eguchi plays the role of Hikiya Hachiman , Saori Hayami plays the role of Yukinoshita Yukino , Nao Higashiyama plays the role of Yuigahama Yui , and Ayane Sakura plays the role of Isshiki Iroha .

The original novel is on sale until Volume 14.

(C) Traveling, Shogakukan / Again this production committee is wrong. Complete


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