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11 episodes of "vibration prevention"


TV anime broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, etc. from March 18 "I don't want to hurt, so I'd like to swing my defenses to extremes." The scene and the notice were released.

Maples and others who advance the fight against "Fire Empire". However, in the meantime, Guild Master My rushes. Mie overwhelms Maple with a powerful fire attack. Although Maple faced with all his might, he was caught in a cage of flames released by My, after Marx and Missary members of "Fire Empire" stopped.

■ TV Anime "hurts would like to very pretend to defense force because it is disgusting." The
remarkable: the same name light novel is the original of the evening mandarin teacher / illustration :: Kitsuneshirushi teacher. The director is Shin Onuma / Miku Minato, the series composition is Fumihiko Shimo, the character design / total drawing director is Kazuya Hirata, and the animation production is SILVER LINK.

A super large rookie appears in the popular VRMMO "NewWorld Online" !? All attacks are invalidated, and monsters and players are thoroughly overrun with lethal poisoning skills! The character of the player, who has been called “Walking Fortress” or “Las Boss” since its unusual battle, was just a beginner! What to hide What this maple just started the game as recommended by her friend Sally. Poor game knowledge, he swung his status point to VIT (defense), and at first he was even tossed by a Zako monster ... It doesn't hurt ... not !? Even if you are turned around by monsters, you will get zero damage, and even luckily you will get a counter skill that can kill you one shot! A maple that grows more and more with friends who have both a habit and a lid. A no-damage adventure begins!

Kaede Hondo, the role of Maple, Ruriko Noguchi, the role of Sally, Saori Hayami , the role of Kasumi , Satomi Arai , the role of Kanade , Ai Kakuma , the role of Mai, the Nakai Suwa, the role of Yui , the Noriaki Sugiyama , the role of Chrome , Satoshi Sato plays the role of Is .

The original novel has been released until Volume 7.

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