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Interspecies Reviewers (Japanese anime)


"Interspecies Reviewers" (Original: Amahara / Drawing: masha) is a popular comic series that has been very popular in Nico Nico Manga's "Doradora Sha #". The cutting-edge fantastic comedy, which is super dangerous in many ways, has been decided to be a long-awaited TV animation. Set in a world where a variety of races such as elves, beastmen, demons and angels live, go to a muff-like shop run by heterogeneous daughters, and cross-review all of their services without leaving terrestrial broadcasting last minute out ! ? Na, it seems to be an unprecedented XX store review animation. Directed by Yuki Ogawa of "Flickr Prog Theatre", "Miritsu Tights", Makoto Uno of "RAIL WARS!" For character design, Kazuyuki Kazuyuki of "Series was a slime after reincarnation" in the series composition , Animation production will be in charge of "Passone" of "High School DxD HERO".


Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 11, 2020-
Production company:PassioneGenre:comedy

Voice actor: Junji Majima , Yusuke Kobayashi , Miyu Tomita , Kaede Yuasa, M · A · O , Hyakudai Koyama, iso part Hana凜, Mari Hino , Rei Matsuzaki, Yoko Hikasa , Kato Yunashi, Nukui YuzuKei , Koichi Makoto , Shiori Izawa , Tanaka Takako , Natsumi Takamori , Anzu Yaoya

staff: Director: Yuki Ogawa, Assistant Director: Takahiro Majima, Series Composition: Brush … Show all

This is a world where not only humans but also elves, beastmen, demons and angels are mixed and live in all kinds of different races. There are, of course, lewd shops of all kinds. One day, a human adventurer, Stann, who visits a store that offers a humorous service, collides with a bad friend Eloel Zell, one day, due to differences in sensitivity (in a sexual sense) between races. The way to settle is ... Miss review! ? The role of Stanks, who score the services of all daughters of different races in a cross-review manner and provide them with information on "role-ups" to other friends, is just like a sex warrior! The reviewers continue their journey today seeking new pleasures.

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