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"Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal," 10 episodes


The synopsis, scene, and preview of the 10th episode "Lapis Lazuli of Guidance", a TV animation broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from March 12th, "Judgmenter Richard's Mystery Appraisal," was released.

Based on Richard's hints, Justice heads to the Lapis Lazuli exhibition at the British Museum. There was Richard, disguised as a woman. Justice and Richard watch out and run away. Richard tries to return Justice to Japan, but they pass each other, claiming that Justice will not return until he talks to Richard. When the past of Richard's secret is revealed, the decision they take is-.

■ TV and anime "jeweler Richard's mystery verification"
remarkable: Nanako Tsujimura / Soga: snow pick up was this novel it is original. The director is Taro Iwasaki, the composition and screenplay is Mariko Kunizawa, the character design and general drawing director is Natsuko Kondo, and the animation production is Shuka.

One night, Masayoshi Nakata, a college student with a strong sense of justice, helps a beautiful foreigner, Richard, who has been involved in drunkards. Justice learns that he is a jeweler and asks him to identify a ring he wants to keep hidden until his grandmother dies. Richard's identification revealed her past, truth, and thoughts. That led him to work as a part-time job at Jewelery Etranger, a jewelry store in Ginza where Richard is the owner. As he unravels the various "mysteries" brought into Etrangier every day, the relationship between Richard and justice changes little by little. But each of them had a secret that was never revealed to anyone.

Takashi Sakurai plays Richard Ranashinha Dvrupian , Yuma Uchida plays Masayoshi Nakada , Kana Hanazawa plays Akiko Tanimoto , and Yuichi Iguchi plays Harura Shimomura .

(C) Nanako Tsujimura / Shueisha Jeweler Richard's Mystery Appraisal Production Committee


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