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TV anime "Infinite Dendrogram" 9


The synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Infinite Dendrogram", the ninth episode, "The Beginning of the Feast", which was broadcast on AT-X, TOKYO MX, BS11, and Sun TV from March 12, have been released.

Mr. Franklin, who has entered the <super-class clash>, takes the second princess Elisabeth as a hostage and challenges the "master" of the kingdom to "game". You have to capture this game before the casualties increase. While there were many <masters> whose actions were restricted, Ray was the key.

■ What is the TV anime "Infinite Dendrogram-"?
Author: Sakon Kaido / Illustration: A light novel based on Taiki's VRMMO.

July 15, 2043. Each player has released a dive-type VRMMO <Infinite Dendrogram> that has its own system "Embrio" that follows the evolution of the "infinite" pattern. <Infinite Dendrogram>, which had elements that were technically impossible because VRMMO could not be realized until then, quickly became a major movement and swept the world. Reiji Mukutori, a young man who started living alone in Tokyo after completing a university entrance examination, started an <Infinite Dendrogram> that had been invited by his older brother to commemorate the end of his long studies.

Ray Sterling (Reiji Mukutori) plays Souma Saito , Nemesis plays Yuko Ohno , Shou Sterling plays Satoshi Hino , Luke Holmes plays Makoto Koichi, Babylon plays Yuuki Takada and Yugo. -Ayumi Murase plays Reseps, Yui Ogura plays Cuco , Yoko Hikasa plays Marie Adler , Aoki Yuki plays Liliana Grandria, and Natsumi Haruse plays Miliana Grandria. Shiori Izawa plays Cheshire , Kenichi Suzumura plays Figaro , Nao Higashiyama plays Jinwa , Yuki Kuwahara plays Juliet , and Mayu Uchida plays Chelsea .

The original novel is on sale until Volume 11, and the comic by Professor Imai is on sale until Volume 6.


(C) Kakon Sakon Hobby Japan / Infinite Dendrogram Production Committee


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