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"Char Aznable Pia Complete Edition" & "Amro Rey Pia" to be Released Simultaneously on March 28!


"Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable Pia Complete Edition" and "Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro Rey Pia" will be released simultaneously on March 28, 2020. The price is 1,364 yen (excluding tax).

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the release of Gunpla in 2020, collaboration with various companies centering on Mobile Suit Gundam has started. The latest work "Mobile Suit Gundam Flash of Hathaway" will be released on July 23 (Thu.), and the Gundam Universe Century Series is getting more and more exciting.

Due to the strong popularity of the Gundam series, `` Character Pia '' featuring the characters who appeared in the animation has been released, among which `` Char Aznable Pia '' released in 2016 has become so popular that it takes overprints .

After that, it continued with "Char Aznable Pia Special Edition" and "Char Aznable Pia Loum Version", but this time, "Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable Pia Complete Edition" which contains all of Char's trajectory including "THE ORIGIN" "Will be released.

Also, "Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro Rei Pia" will be released, featuring the first whole book of Amuro Rei, the beginning of the Gundam series. Various "Gundam Pia" have been released, such as "Camille Bidan Pia", "Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Setsuna F. Saei & Graham Acre x Pia", but this time we will revisit Amuro Rey.

Both "Mobile Suit Gundam Char Aznable Pia" and "Mobile Suit Gundam Amuro Rey Pia" have been booked at Amazon and other online bookstores. Details such as the cover and contents will be announced in the future, so please look forward to it.

■ “Char Aznable Pia”

Release date: May 13, 2016
List price: 1,111 yen (excluding tax)

■ "Char Aznable Pia Special Edition"

Release date: November 14, 2016
List price: 880 yen (excluding tax)

■ "Char Aznable Pia Lum"

Release date: August 18, 2017
List price: 1,111 yen (excluding tax)

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