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"Search for Witch Apprentice"


The book visual for the movie "Find a Witch Apprentice", which will be released on May 15 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of "Ojamajo Doremi", has been lifted.

Shohei Miura plays the role of Ryuichi Omiya, a dormitory-loving college student who travels with the three heroines , Akira Ishida plays Hayato Yabe, a junior of Mille, and Kenta Hamano plays Seiya Kubo, a bad boyfriend of Reika. .

Sora, a college student aspiring to become a teacher, Mire, a returnee and a company employee, and Reika, a freelancer. The age, the place to live, the troubles ... The three different things were brought together-a magic ball !? A straight, slightly clumsy girl who decided to go on a journey together in a mysterious meeting Our New Magical Story Begins Now!

Directed by Junichi Sato and Yu Kamatani, screenplay by Midori Kuriyama, character design and general drawing director Yoshihiko Umakoshi, drawing director Akiko Nakamura, animation production by Toei Animation.

(C) Toei / Toei Animation


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