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Anime ID: INVADED (Japanese anime)



"ID: INVADED" is a completely new original animation directed by Aoi Ei, a director of "Fate / Zero" and "Aldnoah.Zero". A SF mystery work written by a popular author known as "Dentist of the Dragon" by Kingtaro Maishiro. The original draft of the character is `` Blood Lad '' cartoonistYuki Kodama, the character design is `` Fate / stay night Heaven's Feel '' `` Fate / stay night UBW '' Total drawing directorAtsushi Ikutani, art / world view setting `` Yoshihiro Sono of PSYCHO-PASS and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, and Daisuke Mataga, the director of the animation for "Re: Life in a Different World Starting from Zero" will be in charge of the main animator.

Start time:Winter 2020On-air date:January 5, 2020-
Production company:NAZGenre:science fiction

Voice actor: Kenjiro Tsuda , Yoshimasa Hosoya , M · A · O , SARAH EMI BRIDCUTT , Murachigaku, Takashi Kondo , Shuhei Iwase , Enoki AtsushiWataru , Wataru Kato, Ochiai Fuku嗣 , Rintarou Nishi
staff: Director: Aoi Ei, Deputy Director: Yuta Kubota, Series Composition ... View All

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