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"Alternated Carbon"


The original 3D CG animation "Altered Carbon: Re-sleeve" depicting the live-action drama "Altered Carbon" 250 years ago and the announcement were announced, and the cast was announced. It will be exclusively distributed worldwide on Netflix from March 19.

The protagonist, Ken (Takeshi Kovac), and Mizumoto Gumi's next president, Shinji, are violently gazing at each other. This world is a moment, and honor is eternal. In a world where physical death is absolutely free of fear and awe, an unprecedented battle is fought to protect Holly, the girl who holds the key to the story, and to pierce Jinyi!

Ken (Takeshi Kovatchi) role the Suzuki Tatsuhisa 's, Gina (Raylene, Kawahara) role the Rina Sato, the Holly chromatogram role Ayaka Asai 's, Ogai (holographic AI) role the Joji Nakata, Hideki Tanaseda role Is played by Kenji Yamauchi, Kenji Yamamoto as Shinji, and Yasushi Ishii as Genzo.


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