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“Kiratsu Puri ☆ Chan” Season 3


Season 3 of the latest work of "Pretty Series" "Kirato Puri ☆ Chan" will be broadcasted on TV Tokyo 6 stations net from April. The cast of three mascots from Season 3 has been announced.

Nanami Yamashita plays "Kiraku CHU" , Himasa Omori plays "Merpin", and Mimi Tanaka plays "Laby" .

Miracle, Kira, Mirai, Emo, and Rinka wearing a new group outfit, rival team Meltic Star, Anna, Sara, and Me, and two new idols will appear . Season 3 begins with the opening of the “Kira Yado” where Mirai and others live on one day, turning into a VR (virtual) amusement park “Puri ☆ chanland”. The "Princess Cup" will be held at "Puri ☆ Chanland", which will determine the next generation idol queen.

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