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Kana Hanazawa, Jun Fukushima in the 6th anniversary PV of “Senifox of Care and Yaki Fox”


PV commemorating the release of the sixth volume of "Take care of the Fox Fox" has been released.


Nakano's junior (actually ○○○ daughter?), Fukuda-san, appears in volume 6, and Kana Hanazawa is in charge, while Jun Fukushima is in charge of her colleague Mitaka .

■ What is the TV anime "
Seni fox of care and yaki fox"? The same name comic serialized by Rimkoro-sensei in Comic Newtype. Director is Tomoaki Koshida, series composition is Noko Nakamura, character design is Miwa Oshima, total drawing director is Miwa Oshima, Atsushi Soga, Katsuhiro Kumagai, animation production is animation studio.

Every day, a fox, a fox, a servant (800 years old, a young girl) who came to work for Nakano, a company employee who travels between home and the Black Company. She “cares for” exhausted Nakano with food, laundry, and special services (?) To moisturize her. A sudden commencement of the communal living of Sensoku and Nakano. A caring pampering comedy that you want to reach everyone who is tired of modern society.

Azumi Waki ​​as the role of Sensoku, Junichi Suwabe as the role of Nakano , Mayu Uchida as the role of Shilo , Ayane Sakura as the role of Koenji ? ? ? The role Eri Kitamura 's plays.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 6.

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