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"Jin-chan Drop Kick '" is available from 4/6


Broadcast information for the second stage of the TV anime "Jinshin-chan Drop Kick" "Dashin-chan Drop Kick '(dash)" has been announced. It will be broadcast on TOKYO MX and others from April 6.

TOKYO MX Every Monday from April 6 25:15-
Gunma TV Every Monday from April 6 24:30-
Tochigi TV Every Monday from April 24 24:30-
Ciba TV Every Monday from April 6 25:00 ~
Sun TV Every Monday from April 6 25: 30 ~
West Japan Broadcasting Every Monday from April 6 26: 00 ~
Hokkaido Bunka Broadcasting Every Monday from April 6 25: 50 ~
BS Fuji Every Tuesday from April 7 24: 30 ~
AT-X Every Monday from April 6 22: 30 ~

What is the TV anime "Jin-chan Drop Kick"? The
original is a comic with the same name as Yuki ヲ -sensei. The production director is Koichiro Natsume, the director is Hikaru Sato, the series composition is Kazuyuki Brush Yasu, the script is Kazuyuki Brush Yasu, Momoko Murakami, the character design and total drawing director Makoto Koga, Nomad is animation production Handle.

One day, the devil of the demon world, commonly known as "Jin-chan," is suddenly summoned to the human world. The girl was summoned by Yurine Hanazono, a college girl with a slightly black heart living in a rag apartment in Jimbocho. Moreover, Yurine says she doesn't know how to return Jinjin to Makai. Yurine and Yuri who started to live together. However, since the summoner dies, he can return to the Demon World, so Jinjin-chan aims for Yurine's life .... !! A little bitter living comedy between a girl and Jinjin!

Aina Suzuki plays the role of evil god , Nimasa Omori plays the role of Hanazono , Mimu Kubota plays the role of medusa, Yurie Kosakai plays the role of Pokora , Chiaki Omigawa plays the role of Minos , and Riko Sasaki plays the role of Peron , the II role Persephone Riho Iida, Ms. Natsuko Hara Mei Tachibana role, Kazusuna's Aranami the Yusa role, Koji (ice-chan) role Terada Son's, the pyruvate role M · a · O 's, Yamada Pinot role Nanami Yamashita plays Marina, Gyeongkyung , and Miumi Tanaka plays the role of Kyungkyung's sister .

The comic of "Jinjin Drop Kick" is on sale until Volume 14.

(C) Yuki II COMIC Meteor / Yoshigami Drop Kick Production Committee


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