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TV anime "Azur Lane" episode 11


The synopsis, scenes, and a preview of the TV anime "Azur Lane" episode 11 "[Monster] Battle Around the Sea" will be released on March 13 from TOKYO MX.

Orochi, a giant ship in the Siren at last. It was Akagi that Kaga met on the deck. Enterprise and Azur Lane to stop the Siren, Red Axis to rescue Kaga, and those who move beyond the camp to help everyone. Their thoughts are mixed, and the final battle begins.

■ What is the TV anime "Azur Lane"? A
popular smartphone game that fosters and organizes girls who personify ships around the world and fights. The director is Tenshin, the series composition is Jin Kouji, the character design and total drawing director is Masayuki Nonaka, and the animation production is Bibury Animation Studio.

The story takes place in a blue star that we do not know, covering 71% of the earth's surface with water. An unusual enemy, the Siren, suddenly appeared from another world. In order to counter the overwhelming external enemies, humanity has formed a worldwide coalition, Azur Lane, led by four major factions. "Union" respects freedom, "Royal" respects glory, "Iron Blood" praise unity, and "Shigezakura" respects alliance. The "cube", which brings together the wisdom of such people, was used to create girls with the power of steel giants. Sometimes brave, sometimes beautiful, and sometimes dynamic-their ability to overcome the boundaries of the camp seemed to halt the Siren invasion and almost repel its power. However, because of the difference in the philosophy of "whether or not to use the power of the sirens" or not because of Fune, but because of their thoughts as humans-one represented by "jujuzakura" and "iron-blood" The power of the club has separated from "Azur Lane" and started its activity as "Red Axis". In order to monitor the trend of Red Axis, Azur Lane has established a new base in the ocean and concentrated its strength. The situation is immediate. No one knows the fate of the girls yet ...

Yui Ishikawa plays the role of Enterprise, Yui Horie plays the role of Belfast , Mai Nakahara plays the role of Akagi , Ochiha plays the role of Ayanami , Maria Nagana plays the role of Raffy , and Nozomi Yamane plays the role of Javelin.

(C) Manjuu Co., Ltd., Yongshi Co., Ltd. & Yostar Inc./Animation "Azur Lane" Production Committee


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