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10 episodes of "Martial Arts"


The synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Dance will die if you go to Budokan" # 10 "Due is not a friend" will be released on March 12 on TBS and others.

At the maid cafe where Aya works, she celebrates Maina's birthday without permission. There, by chance, Maina, who had been working short-term, appeared. I'm panicked with lots of embarrassment. Maina is happy to meet her on the day off. After that happening, who was removed from the party got a cold ...

■ TV anime "If you go to Budokan, you die" is
based on a comic by the same name as Auri Hirao. The director is Yusuke Yamamoto, the series composition is Deko Akao, the character design is Tomoyuki Shimotani and Yu Yonezawa, the sub character design is Ayumi Nishihata, the music is Moe Hinata, and the animation production is Eight Bit.

Ellipyo, a resident of Okayama, is an enthusiastic nerd dedicated to Maina, a member of the minor underground idol "ChamJam". Eri Puyo is dressed in a high school red jersey. What Ellipyo wields is salmon pink kimbure. Eriyuyo recommends only Maina. A tribute to all of my income, thinking of pushing for 24 hours, shouting out the name of the push with all my voice, called a legend among otaku fellows, everyone was a glance . "If someday Maina stood on the stage in the Musashi ... you can die! ]. The legendary woman, Ellipyo's olotayo activity that continues to do so continues today, involving both idols and nerds.

Ai Firuzu plays the role of Eripayo, Nina Tachibana plays the role of Maina, Tomoaki Maeno plays the role of Kumasa, and Yoshio Yamatani plays the base role .

The original comic has been released up to the sixth volume.

(C) Ari Hirao, Tokuma Shoten / Shibu Budo Production Committee


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