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PS4 Love Come Novel ADV "Deathmatch Love Come!" Pre-order start


Pre-orders for PS4 software " Deathmatch Love Come! " It will be released on June 25.

A laugh and crazy school legend love comenobel ADV, who immediately dies and explodes when confessed. Full remake of Novell ADV for smartphone / Wii U with graphic renewal. It is a sister work of "Raijin Group", which is handled by scenario writer amphibian.

Two postcards will be prepared as an enclosed privilege.

Amazon.co.jp “Deathmatch Love Comedy!”
Amazon.co.jp “Deathmatch Love Comedy! & & [Amazon.co.jp Limited] Original PC & Smartphone Wallpaper Delivery-PS4”
Deathmatch Love Comedy!

YouTube "" Deathmatch Love Comedy! "PV"





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