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Pre-orders for PS4 historical drama action ADV "Ghost of Tsushima" started


Reservation acceptance for PS4 software " Ghost of Tsushima " has started. It will be released on June 26.

An open world era drama action adventure in which the hero, Hitoshi Sakai, who has deviated from the way of the knights, has revived from the meadows and unleashes Tsushima from enemy hands. You can freely explore medieval Japan reproduced in the open world.

Early purchase benefits include a digital mini soundtrack, “Jin” dynamic theme, and “Jin” avatar.

Amazon.co.jp “[PS4] Ghost of Tsushima”
Amazon.co.jp “[PS4] Ghost of Tsushima [Amazon.co.jp privilege] Original PC wallpaper distribution”
Ghost of Tsushima Game | PS4-PlayStation

YouTube "Ghost of Tsushima" Story Trailer

YouTube “Ghost of Tsushima” “Kurodo” Trailer


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