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Theatrical animation “Flag Time” BD will be released in May


Theatrical animation " Flag Time " BD / DVD will be released on May 13.

Includes works released in November 2019. Limited edition "Timeless Edition" includes a Special Secret CD, a manga booklet drawn by Satosan, and a cast audio commentary.

Amazon.co.jp “Flag Time Blu-ray Timeless Edition [Limited Release]”
Amazon.co.jp “[Amazon.co.jp Limited] Flag Time Blu-ray Timeless Edition [Limited Release] (Mega Jacket) (With calendar)

Amazon.co.jp “Flag Time DVD”
Amazon.co.jp “[Amazon.co.jp Limited] Flag Time DVD (with Mega Jake Calendar)”
“Flag Time” Animation Official Site

YouTube `` Movie 'Flag Time' Trailer ''

YouTube: A high school girl flips over a skirt ... "Flag Time" opening video


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