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“She's not! Seaton Gakuen” 10 episodes


The synopsis, scenes, and a preview of the 10th episode "One of the gentle barbarians-the story of Anne and Hitomi-" that was broadcast on March 9 at TOKYO MX and other TV anime "Horse Nanase! Seaton Gakuen" have been released.

I'm a stranger. She has also adapted to the dormitory life at Seaton Gakuen. What is an estrus period? People who can estrus at any time do not know. If humans have an estrus period, will I be hit by Hitomi every day during that time? If you're crazy, someone will take me! What anxiety may become a reality. ――By that mysterious girl student.

■ What is the TV anime "Sheet the School! Seaton Gakuen" The
original is based on a weak meat gluttony animal school love comedy that Bungo Yamashita serialized in the manga app "Psychomi". Director is Hiroshi Ikehata, series composition and script is Shigeru Murakoshi, character design is Masakatsu Sasaki (st silver), total drawing director is Takahiro Sakai, animal drawing director is Megumi Nagayama, animation production is Studio 5 sets.

This is an animal school where various animals live together. The name is "Private Seaton Gakuen." A sacred cage for students to nurture a spirit of weak eating. As they survive, struggles between different races erupt every day. "Human" who dislikes animals "Jin Mazama" and a lonely "wolf girl" Ranka (wolf ranka). With the fateful encounter of one and one, the hachamecha school life begins-! Even if their appearances are different, they can be swarmed if they lick! "If you lick, you'll be friends! Welcome to my flock!"

Hina Kino plays the role of the great wolf Ranka, Haruki Ishitani plays the role of Masaki , Yume Miyamoto plays the role of Hitomi Meino, Misaki Kuno plays the role of Yukari Komori , Yoshimi Ohara plays the role of Miyubi, and plays the role of Cat Rice Walnut Aozora Tokui , Yoshino Aoyama plays Chloe Mazama, Tomokazu Sugita plays King Shishino , Tetsuaki Genda plays Dr. Terano , and Kenjiro Tsuda plays animals .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 6.

(C) Bungo Yamashita / Cygames / Animation "Flocking! Seaton Gakuen" Production Committee


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