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TV animation "Kakoshigoto" broadcast from April 2


The key visual and this PV of the TV animation "Kakoshigoto" broadcast from April 2 have been released.

Kakushi in a suit. A princess pulling its hem. And the members of Goto Production and the editor in charge Jumaruin are drawn. In the background is Shibuya-ku on the left, and Mt.

Beginning with a scene of a 18-year-old princess visiting a certain place, the story of Goto's "Hidden Secret" and the modest happiness are depicted. You can listen to flumpool's opening theme "Small Days".

■ What is the TV anime "Kakoshigoto"?
Originally based on the same name comic by Koji Kumeda . The director is Yuta Murano, the series composition and script is Takashi Aoshima, the character design is Shuhei Yamamoto, the music is Yukari Hashimoto, and the animation production is Asia Hodo.


Kakuji Goto, a manga artist who is drawing a little vulgar manga. Princess of fourth grader of the only daughter. In Kakushi, her daughter and princess have the highest priority. Don't want your daughter, princess to know your idiot, Kakushi. That is ... my job is "manga artist". If my "secret" is known, my daughter will hate you! ? "Love and laughter, a slightly impressive family theater begins-"

Hiroshi Kamiya plays Kakuji Goto , Riyo Takahashi plays Hime Goto , Taku Yatsushiro plays Shiji Osamu, Kiyono Anno plays Rasuna Sumida , Ayane Sakura plays Ami Kakehi , and Ayumi Murase plays Akutoshi. , Natsuki Hanae as May in Jumaruin, Rikiya Koyama as Rikiro Yamato , Aimi Numakura as Risa Uchiki , Ari Ozawa as Kobo Silvia , Kaede Hondo as Higashi Mihina , Tachibana Chirico auditors Kazu氣as-not's, one child actor RokuJo Maaya Uchida -san, the Nadira officers village Hidemi Kato 's, Mario role Namikawa Daisuke -san, Mr. Rikako逢田the Chida Naru role, the ShioEtsu sheep auditors old castle gate Shiho , Yumi Hara will play the role of Kumi Joji .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 10.

(C) Koji Kumeda, Kodansha / Hidden Work Production Committee


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