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TV anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” # 07


The outline and scene of the TV anime “BanG Dream! 3rd Season” # 07 “I want to leave it in the sound”, which will be broadcast from March 12, has been released.

Tutu wins Roselia and holds a celebration party for RAS members. However, the layers and masking are not floating. At that time, Roselia was awesome.

■ What is the TV anime "BanG Dream! 3rd Season"? The
production director is Takaaki Kitani, the original draft is Wataru Nakamura, the director is Hirohiro Kakimoto, the series is composed by Yuniko Ayana, and the original draft is Hitokazu.・ Craft Egg, animation character design by Kazuyuki Ueda, animation production by Sanjigen.

4 months from Popipa sponsored live. After a fun summer vacation, the season is autumn. Kurumi, part-time job, student council-Kasumi who spends his usual days Poppin'Party finds a poster at the live house Galaxy. On the other hand, one invitation arrives to Rokka searching for the band member of fate .... A sparkling stage that starts again! If you are with everyone, shoot through any dream!

Aimi plays the role of Kasumi Toyama, Sae Otsuka plays the role of Tae Hanazono, Rimi Nishimoto plays the role of Rimi Ushigome, Ayaka Ohashi plays the role of Saaya Yamabuki, Aisa Ito plays the role of Arisaki Ichigaya, and Ai Aiba plays the role of Minato Yukina Nana, Haruka Kudo for the role of Sayo Hikawa, Yuki Nakajima for the role of Risa Imai, Megu Sakuragawa for the role of Ako Udagawa, Kaneko Shizaki as the role of Rinko Shirogane , Ayane Sakura for the role of Mitake Ran, and the role of Moka Aoba Sachika Misawa 's, the Uehara Himari officers village Hidemi Kato -san, the Udagawa Tomoeyaku Yoko Hikasa, the Hazawa thrush role Hisako Kanemoto -san, the helical mind the role Miku Ito, the Seta Kaoruyaku Azusa Tadokoro, Kitazawa Yuri Yoshida as Hagumi, Moe Toyoda as Kanon Matsubara , Tomyo Kurosawa as Michelle / Misaki Okusawa , Ami Maejima as Aya Maruyama, Ari Ozawa as Hina Hikawa and Chishiro Shirasagi the Mr. Sumire UESAKA, Ms. Ikumi Nakagami Maya Yamato role, the Wakamiya Eve role HataTasuku Child's, the Marina Tsukishima role Aya Suzaki, the Asuka Toyama role Yuka Ozaki plays.

(C) BanG Dream! Project


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