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TV anime "Don't dare to work on the video lab!" EPISODE.10


The synopsis and scenes of the TV anime "Don't dare to work on the video lab!" EPISODE.10 "The Conflict of the Unique World!"


Asakusa invented scenes to draw one after another, Mizusaki ordered music using SNS, and Kanamori planned a voice actor audition. The video laboratory is striving for a new work to be announced at the independent production exhibition and sale "Comet A". But the activity was noticed by teachers. The student council advises on the risks of working outside the school, but the three continue to make anime. Accompanied by the sound department, Hyakumeki's sound location, seeking hints to determine the story.

■ TV and anime "Do not take out a hand to the video Research!"
Monthly! Based on the same name comic by Sumitomo Odo, serialized in Spirits. Director and series composition is Masaaki Yuasa, character design is Naoyuki Asano, music is Oorutaichi, animation production is Science SARU.

A youth adventure story in which three high school girls challenge anime production. The "strongest world" that the high school girls thought began to move.

Midori auditors Sairi Ito's Asakusa, the Sayaka Kanamori role Mutsumi Tamura -san, Mr. Misato Matsuoka the Mizusaki swallow role, the Domeki role Yumiri Hanamori 's, the Sakaki-Sowande role Mikako Komatsu 's, the Fujimoto teacher role Inoue Kazuhiko , Yuki Ono plays Kono , Yusuke Kobayashi plays Kobayashi , Ryunosuke Watanuki plays Goto, and Shiori Izawa plays Seki .

Comics are on sale until Volume 5.

The anime is Midori Asakusa of "Setting is Life", a charismatic reader model and aspiring animator Mizusaki Swallow, and Sayaka Kanamori with beautiful legs who love making money. To the dungeon, to the battlefield, to the universe-Spread the wings of the imagination, create a "strongest world (video)" with three blitz!

(C) 2020 Sumitomo Odo, Shogakukan / "Video Lab" Production Committee



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