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TV anime "The Asteroid in Love" 09.


The outline and scenes of the TV anime "The Asteroid in Love" 09.

Mira and Ao persuade each family to live with Mira's house without Ao transferring. In preparation for Valentine's Day, give the first handmade chocolates made by Suzu with the teachings of the cherry blossoms to everyone at the Faculty of Geosciences. And Suzu knows that Misa is going to a distant university ...

■ TV anime "Asteroid in Love (Asteroid)" is
based on the comic of the same name by Dr. Quro. The director is Daisuke Hiramaki, the series composition is Yuka Yamada, the character design is Jun Yamazaki, and the animation production is a video studio.

When she was young, Mira Kinohata promised to find an asteroid with a boy she met at a campsite. At high school, I tried to join the astronomy club, but this year the "astronomy club" and the "geological study group" merged into the "geology department" ...?! With the geoscience girls (geojo), Why do not you look for various glitter?

Tomohiro Konohata plays Tomoka Takayanagi, Ao Manaka plays Ai Yamaguchi, Mai Inose plays Mariya Shidashi, Miyoshi Sakurai plays Nao Higashiyama , and Marino Morino plays Sumire Kamisaka .

The original comic is on sale until Volume 2.


(C) Quro / Hobunsha / Hoshizaki High School


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