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The teaser visual of "Moriarty of Yukoku"


At the Jump Festa 2020 held on December 21 and 22, 2019, the teaser visuals of "Moriarty of Yukoku", which was announced as a TV animation, were released, and the main staff was announced.

End of the 19th century. As the Industrial Revolution progressed, Britain steadily expanded its power and flourished. Despite technological advances and developments, however, less than 3% of the aristocrats dominated the country due to a long-established class system. Nobles who enjoy privileges as a matter of course. An underclass that will keep your life tomorrow. People live by being tied to a determined class from birth. William James Moriarty is working to break down the corrupt class system and create an ideal nation. Moriarty is the "criminal lord" who has been at the mercy of even Sherlock Holmes. Crime revolutions change the world.

Composition: Ryosuke Takeuchi / Manga: Comics based on the same name by Teru Miyoshi. Directed by Kazuya Nomura, character design by Toru Okubo, animation production by Production IG.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 11.

(C) Ryosuke Takeuchi, Teru Miyoshi / Shueisha, Moriarty of Yukoku Production Committee



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