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Anime visual of "Kemonoji Hen"


The animation visual of the main character, Natsuha, of the "Kenji Hen" (Kemonoji Hen), which was announced as a TV animation at Jump Festa 2020 held on December 21 and 22, 2019, was released, and the main staff announced Was done.

A monster that has been hiding in the world since ancient times and living with people so that it cannot be found by others. In modern times, however, there have been many reports of trying to engage with people more than necessary-for example, trying to create children. Meanwhile, Inukami, a monster detective in Tokyo, has been called by a rural village to find an animal mortality incident. An invisible god visits the village, where he meets a boy.

Based on the same name comic by Matsumoto Aimoto. The director is Masaya Fujimori, the series composition and script is Nobu Kimura, the character design is Nozomi Tachibana, and the animation production is Asia Hodo.

The original comic is on sale until Volume 10.

(C) Aimotomatsu / Shueisha / "Monster Incident" Production Committee


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