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An additional cast of "Gibiate", scheduled to be broadcast in the summer of 2020, has been announced. In addition to Shuichi Ikeda as Char Aznable in the Mobile Suit Gundam series, Hiroki Nanami from former Takarazuka, Hiromi Sakimoto from actor, and Emi Ito from talent will also participate.

■ What is the TV anime "Jibiate"? The
character design is Yoshitaka Amano, the monster design is Naoki Serizawa, the music is Yuzo Koshiro , the music artist is Yoshida Brothers, and the original plan is Ryo Aoki.

The stage is Japan in 2030. Viruses around the globe were spreading. People infected by the virus become monsters and change shape depending on age, gender, and race. The virus was called "Gibier" (as diverse as Gibier) from a variety of changing varieties. A set of samurai and stealth appear in such desolate Japan. The two have slipped back in time since the early Edo period, and will cooperate with a doctor who is studying the treatment of game. A large number of gamers attack without time, an outlaw attacking a traveler in search of food, a life-long journey surrounded by enemies begins ...

Tetsuya Kakihara will play the role of Chisui Kanzaki, Yukiyo Fujii will play the role of Katsurine Funada, Hiroki Higashichi will play the role of Kenroku Sanada, and Michio Hasama will play the role of Yukinojo Onikura.



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