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TV anime "Shinno-Tower -Tower of God-"


The broadcast of the TV anime "Shinno-Tower -Tower of God-" was decided on TOKYO MX, BS11, Tochigi TV and Gunma TV from April 1, and the main visuals, PVs and cast information were lifted.

Six characters are drawn, focusing on the boy "Night" who has never seen the sun.

Taichi Ichikawa plays the role of night, Saori Hayami plays the role of Rachel, and Yoshitada Otsuka plays the role of Hedon .

▼ Night (CV: Taichi Ichikawa)

A boy wrapped in many mysteries in the hero of this work. Before she met Rachel, she lived lonely, ignoring other people and even speaking. Chasing Laher who suddenly left the tower, he enters the tower. A person who is out of the tower's law called the "non-sorter." As you climb the tower with your friends, the mysterious power hidden during the night is revealed.

▼ Rahel (CV: Saori Hayami )

The existence that became the "light" of the night from the day when it fell into the cave. Rachel, who fears the darkness of the night and seeks salvation from the stars, enters the tower and starts climbing the tower to get his "light" at the top near the star.

▼ Hedon (CV: Yoshitada Otsuka )

Manager on the first floor of the tower. It also plays a role in determining whether you are eligible to climb the tower.

■ The TV anime "Kaminoto -Tower of God-"
is based on the web comic "Kaminoto" serialized by SIU on NAVER WEBTOON (LINE manga). The director is Takashi Sano, the assistant director is Hirokazu Hanai, the series composition is Erika Yoshida, the character design is Masafumi Kudo and Miho Tanino, the music is Kevin Penkin, and the animation production is telecom animation film.

Climb the tower and you get everything. At the top of the tower is everything in the world and you can get this world ... you can be God. This is the story of the beginning and end of Rachel, a girl who wants to see the stars and climbs the tower, and a boy who does not need anything if she is present.

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