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"Heya Can △" 10 episodes


The synopsis and scene of the 10th episode "Ice hole scary" of the TV anime "Heya Campo" broadcast from March 9 has been released.

Nocle version of a documentary horror?

■ TV anime “Heya Can △” is the
first new TV anime series “Yuru Can △” in two years. Another outdoor girl story. Original Afro-sensei, director Masato Jimbo, series composition and screenplay by Mutsumi Ito, character design and total drawing director by Mutsumi Sasaki, animation production by C-Station.

Motosu Senior High School has a school building in one corner of Yamanashi Prefecture, and a loose outdoor circle that uses a corner like "Eel of the Eel" as a club room in the club room building in that corner.
Today, as Kakamigahara Nadeshiko was squandering his spare time in a small clubroom, Chiaki Ogaki and Aoi Inuyama suddenly say, "I'm going on a journey now!"
The Nokuro members take Yamanashi Nakatoshi and run westward along with the nagashi.
Where is the goal of your journey in the rare way of a high school girl who tastes the specialties of various places and unfolds! ?

Narimiko Kakamigahara, Yuri Hanamori , Chiaki Ogaki, Sayuri Hara , Aoi Inuyama , Aio Toyosaki , Rin Shima , Nao Higashiyama , Ena Saito, Riyo Takahashi , and narration Akio Otsuka Is in charge.

(C) Afro Houbunsha / Outdoor Activity Committee


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